The best cardio on the planet just got a major upgrade.

You live your life in 3D.  Don't you want to train in it, too?

Introducing the Helix Lateral Trainer 3D

The best cardio in the even better.


The first, the best... but also the toughest?

Helix was the first cardio trainer to move the body laterally while it moved it front to back, a  breakthrough that made it the world’s best cardio.  Users could achieve targeted heart rates more quickly, burn more fat and activate more muscles than with traditional cardio.  But it wasn't easy.  In fact it  became a hit with some of the world's toughest customers--like the New England Patriots, the LA Lakers, and the Cleveland Cavaliers-- exactly because it was so grueling.


3D finally makes lateral training accessible for all training levels

The traditional Helix will always have its place with those in ultimate, peak condition.  But for mere mortals?  The Helix 3-D introduces  advantages for real-world results, like a new mechanical position which decreases starting effort, and new machine-driven positioning which facilitates easier movement AND lowers perceived exertion. These benefits are achieved without sacrifice: users still activate more muscles, burn more fat, and achieve targeted heart rates more quickly than with other cardio.  


3D: a new dimension in fitness

The Helix 3D isn't just more user-friendly, it actually represents a major revolution in cardio fitness.  With a patented motion that works the body in all three dimensions of human motion, it trains  the way nature intended:  

in full 3D.  Working in three dimensions is not just more natural; it actually yields more comprehensive training benefits. 

Learn about 3D lateral trainers for commercial or residential settings.